28 February 2013

Bunda, Abah, and Yaya; A Story of Love

Bunda had been enrolled in a graduate school when she got pregnant, about two years ago. It was her first year, and the program in this graduate school required her to complete the final year in Japan. Yaya was born months later, and due to this Bunda took a one semester leave, giving her undivided attention to the newly born baby. Loving, caring, nurturing; Bunda's life revolved around Yaya. Again months passed, and it was about time for her to get back to the reality of academic life; facing the final year, dealing with the tough responsibility of being away from home. Yaya was only 5 months old at that time, still exclusively breastfed when Bunda had to leave, very far away.

Bunda finally went to Japan, accompanied by Abah in the first month, spent their time adapting in the new environment. The biggest effort was in the adaptation to separation, they have never been in such great distance with Yaya. Yaya's pictures were among the first thing that Bunda put on her working desk, she stared at them like every time.
A month passed, and again it was the time for another separation, Abah had to go back home. Bunda took Abah to the bus that would take him to the airport that day, and gloom was on their eye. They were suppose to be always together, weren't they? The emptiness was simply beyond words.

Bunda continuing her life alone there, went through the tough academic responsibility while dealing with the loneliness at the same time. Piles of tasks, experiments, reports, and discussions with news about Yaya from Abah in between. On one day, she had to carry out an experiment and worrying Yaya that had fever at the same time. On another day, she cheerfully told stories about Yaya's first words while analyzing samples from experiments. Hard times were when she missed Yaya's many first things, particularly the first birthday. Among the most frequent stories she shared was about how Abah marvelously took care of Yaya, and about how they become more and more inseparable. 
A delightful thing was that, despite the hardship that she faced, Bunda was still a cheerful and comforting person as she had always been. She might cry a little, or even much because of the separation, but never a single drop of tears be seen by others.

Time flew and after a year her final defense was finally approaching, and Bunda was excited of two things: the defense itself, and the coming of Abah and Yaya a few days afterward. She faced the final defense excellently. She passed with good result and her research is even now under the process to be published in a well-known international journal.

Then it was the time for the most waited moment, reunion with the loved ones, Abah and Yaya. Even people on their surrounding could feel the happiness and relief, a very heavy burden was finally lifted. On that night, Abah tweeted about the beauty of witnessing Yaya peacefully slept on her mother's cuddle. 
After spending a couple of days in Japan, they went back home last night. And to see the three of them get back together, is miraculous.

"After a difficulty, Allah will soon grant relief." (Q.S. 67:7)

One asked Abah once, about why he encouraged Bunda to continue her study that cost them long separation while she actually could just resign from school in the first place.
"It is easy to seek for other option rather then facing the hardship in commitment we have made", Abah said.
"But this is to teach us that when a commitment comes with challenges, we know not to run away".

Dedicated to the Super Bunda, Rina Riana Sondari

Congratulations for everything, enjoy toghetherness. :)



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