22 February 2016

A quick note to self

(And to Papa. And Sorai)

Baru selesai ikutan semacam TOEFL-equivalent test, and something buzzes my mind so strongly at the moment that I have to write it down real soon because I don't want it to pass and just be forgotten.
Jadi sebagaimana umumnya tes TOEFL, ada bagian listening-nya dong. Despite the questions, what captivates me is contents of the talks. They mostly captures lectures and conversations between professors and their students at (I assume) undergraduate level. And what is talked is simply (personally) jaw dropping, because I never really had such so-so-cool lecturers with so-so-cool way of delivering lectures, because I never had such personal-yet-intellectually-stimulating talks with the professors. Because then I remember Puput's story on how awesome the research level of the university she attended for her masters course (compared with what we have here, but let's keep the comparison to ourselves). 
And all of those thought ends up as a wish. How I wish Sorai (and his siblings, insyaAllah) can get and experience that (or even better) kind of education. How I wish he can find that learning is a super exciting activity and fall in love with it as early as possible. How I wish we can provide a supporting environment for him. 
Please take this as du'a from mother for her child Ya Allah, please grant this one. Aamiin.